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GRAPPLESNAKE Irukandji 2.0  12m

GRAPPLESNAKE Irukandji 2.0 12m

Grapplesnake Irukandji 2.0

Prick like an Irukandji, this string definitely can.
Due to the unusual rectangular shape, the strings quickly slide over each other, which ensures an unusually good snapback effect and has a positive effect on the spin properties.
The GRAPPLESNAKE Irukandji 2.0 is a further development of the Irukandji.
The playing characteristics of the Irukandji 2.0 could be further improved by adding aluminum fibers.
The Irukandji 2.0 plays excellently with the GRAPPLESNAKE Natural Gut . The rounded edges and their wide contact surface increase the durability of a natural gut string many times over.
The Irukandji 2.0 can also be played excellently as a cross string to the brand new GRAPPLESNAKE ESTESS PRO and to our BESTSELLER GRAPPLESNAKE TOUR SNIPER .

Diameter: 0.90 x 1.45 mm
Shape: rectangular / rounded
Material: Co-polyester aluminum fiber
Length: 12m

VAT Included
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