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GRAPPLESNAKE  Extra Sharp/Liquid

GRAPPLESNAKE Extra Sharp/Liquid

The Cube Extra Sharp is intended for hybrid use with the liquid and should only be used for hybrid stringing.


It is a square string with extremely good spin properties and sharp edges.

Most angular edges lose their edges after a short playing time.


The Cube Extra Sharp keeps your sharpness for a long time. The string was made from ultra-modern co-polymer.


It offers precise length control, exceptional tension stability and should be 1kg softer than conventional strings.


The liquid was developed for hybrid use with the Extra Sharp.


The liquid is a hexagonal

Co-polyester string that was developed extra soft
around them as a hybrid with the Cube

or to play the Cube Extra Sharp.

It brings a lot of touch, but also power at the same time.

The string is very suitable for players with arm problems.



Extra sharp

Color: Black

Diameter: 1.23 mm

Shape: square

Length: 6m




Diameter: 1.25

Shape: hexagonal

Length: 6m

Material: co-polyester


9,50 €Price
VAT Included
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