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GRAPPLESNAKE Estess Pro 200m

GRAPPLESNAKE Estess Pro 200m


The GRAPPLESNAKE Estess Pro is a 5-edged co-polyester string that offers an impressive combination of spin and precision.
ATP professionals from the ESTESS TENNISACADEMY were involved in the development of the string and it is therefore not surprising that the string still offers surgical precision even with hard beats and high playing speed and allows the player to pull the stroke fully!
Thanks to the first-class spin potential, players who like to play with topspin will get their money's worth here. Tension stability and playing comfort are above average compared to similar strings.
Color : gray
Diameter : 1.25 mm
Shape : 5-edged
Material : co-polyester / aluminum fiber
Length: 200m

VAT Included
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