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GRAPPLESNAKE Cube Extra Sharp 12m

GRAPPLESNAKE Cube Extra Sharp 12m

Grapplesnake Cube Extra Sharp


The Cube Extra Sharp is intended for hybrid use with the liquid and should also only be used for hybrid stringing . Best with the Liquid or the Irukandji 2.0.


It is a square string with extremely good spin properties and sharp edges.
Most square strings lose their edges after a short playing time. The Cube Extra Sharp stays sharp for a long time. The string was made from the most modern co-polymer.

Unlike the "simple" cube, the Extra Sharp is less designed for power.

It offers precise length control, exceptional tension stability and should be 1kg softer than conventional strings.


Color : black

Diameter : 1.23 mm

Shape : 4-edged

Material : ultra-modern co-polyester

Length: 12m

VAT Included
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